Puliyodarai - pulihora - puliyogare - tamarind rice - instant gravy mix POWDER

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Tamarind rice - Puliyodrai - pulihora - puliyogare - These multilingual names, by themselves, suggest  its is very popular and most loved food in the whole southern part of India.  Besides homes, puliyogare is offered as prasadam in many south indian VAISHNAV TEMPLES, and distributed amongst devotees.   Preparation begins with making a gravy of tamarind, various spices and a sumptuous quantity of til oil.  Mix this gravy in the right proportion with cooked rice and you  get a delicious puliyodari/pulihora/puliyogare.

To avoid the tiresome process of making the gravy, MEENAKSHI MAMI, after a very long research, prepared a dry gravy mix, which makes it easy and relaxing to prepare a delicious gravy.  Add water and boil.  You are ready to enjoy a delightful puliyodarai/pulihora/puliyogare.   ENJOY NOW.




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