Kadugu (Vadu) Mangai/Baby mango pickle (500g)

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If you offer curd  rice accompanied by "vadu manga" or "kadugu Manga" to any one in South, enough,  they won't  ask for anuything more.  For them it is a bliss .

Preparing Vadu Mangai pickle  is a joy by itself.  Personal hygiene is utmost important while making and handling this oil-less   pickle, which can be stored  for an year. Cute little tender mangos start appearing  in the market around  March.  Left on the tree they grow bigger and bigger by the day.  Therefore to get the  right small size mangoes, hurry up,  you have only a few days left. Or you get large baby mangoes and no one likes it. .  Right size is just not enough, right quality is also very important.  Once you get your choice, wash them, trim the stem with about an inch left on the mango, apply  little castor oil on them, add suffcient quantity of salt,  turn them around over the next few days until sufficient water is released.. For many this mango in brine is by itself enough, not to deny it is delightful. Some add spice at this stage and some as and when required. 

At MEENAKSHI MAMI we take every care to present you an enjoyable Vadu Mangai.  Relish them..    



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