Avakkai - Avakaya - Mango pickle - Khairei ka Achar with til oil(500g)

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Come Mango Season, for  every Indian household the ritual of preparing their annual stock of Avakkai (Mango pickle) starts like a celebraion.  From selecting  spices at  their favourite stores, hunting for the right type of Mango, getting them cut into equal small cubes, drying them a little to evaporate  excessive moisture, mixing the mango,  spices, salt and oil  in the right proportion, turning them around periodically to packing them for an year long storage. This goes on for days together, until they say "Aha!  I can treat my family and  guests well for a year".  For those in Southern part of India, more spice for some, less for some and it has to be only pure TIL OIL always floating above the pickle.  Distributing bottles of their special  AVAKKAI to their relatives and friends is another proud triumph for them.   At MEENAKSHI MAMI we  follow the same ritual to present the connoisseurs of pickles an enriched, tasty, AVAKKAI lingering in their mouth for quite some time after the meals.







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